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BMW’s New First Electric Car – 2018 BMW i3 Hatch

The i3 Hatch, BMW’s first electric car, has been revealed with another technology update in 2018. After a battery pack upgrade in late 2016, the i3 will improve its electric range in 2018. The upgraded version of 2017 bears a 94 Ah battery pack which has considerably improved the operation, under the official NEDC test cycle, by more than 50 percent, from 118 miles to 186 miles, while real-world driving range is increased to a maximum 124 miles on a single battery charge, even in extreme weather conditions with comparable air conditioning or heating requirements.

According to BMW Greensboro NC experts, the new update has brought the capacity of the battery expressed in ampere hour to 120 or the equivalent of approximately 42.5 kWh. The previous version had a 33 kWh capacity. An increase in capacity from 96 to 120 Ah would mean an increase in range of 25 percent, keeping the weight and voltage of the battery in tact. The new battery pack is capable of more high loads than its previous version, ensuring better discharging curve, therefore, leading to a higher than 25 percent range increase.


The first ever i3 is a sporty version of the electric car which aims at delivering better driving performance. The facelifted BMW i3 still runs on a 94 Ah battery, which powers an electric motor that delivers 170 hp and 184 lb-ft of torque.

With a pure electric range of about 100 miles, it gives or takes a few depending on weather and driving conditions. With the optional gasoline range extender, BMW i3 Hatch is quite helpful for the right customers.

With its gorgeous style and modest makeover, the new i3’s is sure to starstruck your heart. It’s an incredible upgrade on the last car, with just a few changes to refurbish the vehicle.

The sculpted bumper and forward bonnet are kept in more of an alignment than the previous generation. Inside the car, you can find a new 10.3-inch infotainment screen featuring the same BMW iDrive system as seen on the new 5 Series.

To prolong the life and performance of the vehicle, bring it in for service and maintenance at your nearest BMW service Greensboro center.

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