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Reasons Why Oil Change is Important For Your Car

Vehicles and engines are undoubtedly complex, but changing the oil is always a constant thing that needs to be done as a standard car maintenance and preventive measure. Even though the oil change depends on a lot of the particular make and model of the vehicles, it remains constant. The engine is the heart of any vehicle and it needs to run smoothly avoiding all sorts breakdowns and complicated damage and repair issues even including full engine replacement.

The total car care experts at any of the auto body shops Greensboro NC share some of the top reasons why car owners must consider oil and filter change as a necessity.

All the moving parts within the engine, like the pistons, valves, and other corollary parts work at random speed under the hood of the car. And as the movement gains pace, the components create heat and if these parts do not find sufficient lubrication, the regular wear, and tear of these parts increases. But before checking out the oil change required, make sure to go through the owner’s manual to check out the specific weight and grade of the oil that the particular vehicle would require.

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Formation of dirt particles proves to be deadly for the engines. As time goes by, and these dirt particles keep coagulating on these engine parts, it can cause corrosion and hence decrease the lifespan of the engines. Apart from this, as time passes by, the oil breaks down, hence leading to the formation of sludge. The only way to prevent these critical conditions is to keep the engines clean and only routine filter and oil change can help remove the sludge particles keeping the performance of the engine at its peak.

The more these dirt particles coagulate, the lesser is the efficiency of the engines along with an increase in fuel consumption. Going by the reports presented by the US Department of Energy, keeping the engines clean can actually improve the mileage of the vehicles by 1 or 2 percent. The figure might not look impressive, but in the long run, it does leave some deep impact on the performance of the vehicles.

Taking suggestions from the expert mechanics at body shops Greensboro, keeping the oil and filter change at regular intervals can indeed keep the vehicle healthy and prevent too much of friction causing harm to the vehicles.

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