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2017 Volkswagen e-Golf: First Drive Review

You must have got brothers and sisters at home, some cousins who might be living somewhere in distant places. Does distance matter a lot while connecting with them? The similarity in DNA gives you all similar characteristics and even though you people are geographically at distant lands, you grow up to be of almost similar nature. Are you wondering why such a topic is being discussed especially in an article that has got a conventional automobile Title? Simply because, cars have their own families as well, and the siblings with the same family share similar DNA for sure.

Volkswagen Greensboro

Just have a look at the seventh generation of the Volkswagen Golf family, and you’ll find all of them sharing the MQB architecture in all these vehicles, but have got a difference in between depending on the specific breed. If you take a close look at your family, you’ll get to identify the pair of studs who have always been the showstopper at any family event- the Golf R and GTI that we are referring to. Your little cousin, who is loved by all in the family, is just the base model of the Golf. And then you have that nerdy dragon as well who has taken the sole responsibility of keeping your family’s head high- that’s the 2017 Volkswagen e-Golf we were speaking of. It might seem to be a bit awkward, but that’s the model who keeps the head held high for Volkswagen Greensboro NC.

These nerds have never been short of tricks to achieve what they have always wanted, and e-Golf has got its own, by just stretching the mileage to 125 miles which are generally considered to be out of range for those who have got lithium ion battery. Is this magic? No, this is exactly where you should be aware of the horsepower screw, which Wolfsburg has turned to make identical engines with different outputs. So now you realize why the e-Golf is the nerdy dragon of the family, right?

Apart from the mechanical goodies that most of Volkswagen Greensboro receives, the e-Golf is the first one which received some cosmetic touches as well. Haven’t your nerdy brother worn designer clothes ever? So why won’t the e-Golf? Restyled bumpers, grille, and front fenders, new color options, headlights, and revised interior trim are just a few that decks up to the new e-Golf for a longer race. If you nerdy brother never missed any of the awards, how can the e-Golf?

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  • I totally agree with you that the siblings with the same family share similar DNA for sure. That’s why is car not less than any other car in the family. How can one not crave for such a lovely car? I really liked its stylish look and its car exterior body parts. <3

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