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2018 Audi A5: Getting Pretty Close To Faultless

The new Audi A5 manages to grab the eyeballs for its look and functionality in terms of sportiness and luxuriousness. Where some of its rivals can be too aggressive or too plush, the new Audi A5 features equal servings of both characteristics. It never performs badly over rough terrain.

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Sharp Design:

The new Audi A5 looks amazing. Don’t pay attention to those who claim it is to similar to the outgoing model. Sharp creases nicely breakup the curvy body work. It looks modern and purposeful form all directions. Of all German coupes, the Audi is more handsome and more expressive than its rivals, says one of the Audi Greensboro experts.

Sleek Interior:

The same goes for the interior, when it comes Audi’s cabin which is stylish yet uncomplicated. It’s admired for its premium look accentuated by nice wood and chrome trim pieces. Every switch, button, and display is within the reach and easy to use. There’s no technology overload here, even though there are loads of high-tech features on board.

First Rate Technology:

Audi comes standard with great infotainment technology which is easy to use. Virtual Cockpit provides reams of information in a clear format, right in front of the driver. The bright, kinky, full-color 12.3-inch screen can be reconfigured to display a massive satellite map, radio presets, or any other information needed while on the ride. More importantly, it takes almost no learning curve and never requires removing your hands from the wheel while operating it via the small steering wheel controls, notes the Audi Repair expert.


Dull Steering:

Though the A5’s electrically assisted steering is pleasant and precise in its operation, it does not feel that great in hand. You’ll never know from holding the three-spoke steering whether the road is crowed or bumpy or the front tires is running out of grip. It’s a really a big setback for an otherwise dynamic and responsive coupe.

Fixed Center Screen:

Unlike older Audis, which allows you to push a button to stow the infotainment screen, you can’t do that anymore on this A5, which is something to gripe about, for you may find it useful at night when you need to dim the cabin.

Overall, the car looks impressive. To ensure prolonged life, take it to the nearby Audi repair Greensboro NC service center.

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