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2017 BMW 5 Series – A Premium Midsize Sedan Shining Bright in Auto Market

While speaking of the automotive world, everyone focuses more on speaking of the latest advancement that takes place every single day. But is it possible to judge a brand without knowing its history in details? BMW, which is now a giant in delivering premium luxury vehicles nowadays, was hardly considered to be a competition before the 1990s. It is rather the second half of the 90’s that the German brand-maker entered in line and defined new terms in the context of interior comfort, ride quality and superior performance on road. While the rest of the brands in the market had their focus on the first two parameters mentioned above, BMW Greensboro had viewed the market through the lens of performance.

BMW Greensboro

How solid was their focus could be best described by the E39 5 Series, which came into production in the 90’s for the first time. In fact, until the E39, the world didn’t have any idea how sporty a Sedan can finally get. It wasn’t just the normal luxury car with a dash of driving engagement that came into focus, instead, BMW Greensboro NC crafted machine which had a performance at its core, and complemented it well with the plush interior and handsome looks.

Even 2017 has found a complete set of renewed performance and in order to judge it, one might like to scan the entire Sedan. The BMW 5 Series this year find a completely new platform which has been constructed with Aluminum, Magnesium and high strength steel which cumulatively reduces the weight of the vehicles by almost 137 pounds. Since the exterior of the model has been revamped, BMW service Greensboro NC had to work on the suspension and adaptive dampers as well so that the weight change can be modified. The Integral Active Steering which was found in many of BMW’s earlier models have now been added as an alternative in the current line up and every acute corner is bound to feel much more challenging now for the drivers with the active rear wheels.

Being sharper, lighter, and more engaging, the latest generation of the BMW 5 Series has harked on the innovative touch and turns out to be a luxurious authority once again.

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