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Volkswagen’s New Style Maker : 2018 Volkswagen Arteon

Volkswagen has been known for making the stylish four-door coupes, and the first one to crack into it and come up with an increasing ubiquitous stylish Sedan was the Volkswagen CC. The age of the model shows its continuity, and for almost a decade the CC has been the heart of Volkswagen service. Almost after a decade, they have thought of bringing some change, and its just in the name.

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The coming year will find Volkswagen CC in the name of Arteon and they have already released a handful of sketches which will show how the models have enhanced the styling. Complying with the styling and performance of Volkswagen CC, the Arteon actually looks much longer than the Passat Sedan which falls in the same group. There has been definitely some changes, and Volkswagen Greensboro claims the Arteon will be a hatchback instead of the Sedan which was CC. This particular change in plan has actually increased the usability factor. The CC had just a tiny trunk which could hardly make itself operational enough, but with the increase in length, one will definitely find some extra cargo space keeping the sleeker profile in touch.

To keep a grasp over the market, the Arteon in the US market will find a four cylinder turbocharged gas engine, along with the dual clutch automatic transmission that Volkswagen Greensboro NC provides to many. Volkswagen earlier had already provided a stick shift option in the CC, but whether the Arteon will find it or not is still under scrutiny and hopefully will remain a surprise for the brand enthusiasts. However, Arteon receives a much more premium position than the CC in the market, and that gives the model an edge over the rest.

Looks has always been a no-compromise zone for Volkswagen and the powerful haunches over the rear wheels keep the aesthetic feel. It is definitely going to be a front wheel drive and just like CC offered the all wheel drive option, even Arteon is going to provide the same. With some competitive pricing, Volkswagen Arteon is just a matter of time to be a big hit for the market.

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