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2018 Audi SQ5- Perfect Balance of Performance and Functionality

As the car enthusiasts sit to take a look at the Audi SQ5 and review it based on several parameters, the first question that they try to ask themselves is what actually is the SQ5? Does it have any vague connection with the Q5 or is it a complete new entity developed by the auto giants? Taking a close view at all the characteristics, it is quite easy to infer that the SQ5 is nothing but an upgraded version of the Q5 that Audi came up with long back. However, there’s no denying the fact that SQ5 makes one of the most popular luxury SUV that is available in the global market.

Audi Greensboro

One of the most common mistakes that most car fanatics make while reviewing their beloved luxury models is by not looking beyond the speed and acceleration. But there’s much beyond it as well. One who opts for the SQ5 from Audi Greensboro, will get a sport-tuned suspension, a complete set of the 20-inch wheel along with an option of high performance or all season tires. There’s not just end to it, one would even love to find the reworked styling details both in and out.

Under the bonnet, one would be really glad to find a turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 engine which quite satisfactorily produces 354 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque. After extrapolating all these figures, it gets very easy to determine the maximum amount of torque and horsepower that the Audi SQ5 gives translating them into a robust response and speedy acceleration. There are several modes for the drivers to select from- Comfort, Auto, Dynamic, Individual, and Off-road. Audi has always been known for an average ground clearance of 8.2 inches, which is itself above average than most of the brands. However, the Audi repair experts boast about their 9-inch ground clearance in SQ5 which they believe gives the model and edge.

Audi has been consistently pitching SQ5 as few of those models which give a perfect balance of performance and functionality, and there’s no scope to argue on this. While it has been competing with renowned SUVs from Mercedes-Benz AMG, Porsche, and Jaguar, these models are new when compared to the number of years Audi has been in business. The turf isn’t smooth for Audi to fight, but SQ5 is expected to shine with flying colors.

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