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The new BMW M240i : Powerful Statement Coupled With Outstanding Athleticism

There’s a lot more in store for the car enthusiasts, is what BMW promised while signing off for 2016, and as 2017 rolled in, they were all ready with the promises made. The BMW M240i is what speaks all for them, and it represents a lot of things about the 2 Series family as well. Even though its performance is not up to the mark of M2, but the styling upgrades and performance cues are much better than the rest of the variants in 2 Series. So what the experts claim is, the M240i is the bridge which connects the 2 Series with the M2.

BMW Greensboro NC

There’s been a lot of sentiment attached with the M240i, and this is visible from the limited edition treatment BMW has shown towards this model. BMW Greensboro NC has always been identified as a brand who keeps up to their promises and it is proved considering the upgrades that have been given to the M240i M performance edition. As of now, each and every model of the 750 units that BMW comes up with will have the Alpine while exterior with subtle touches of black on the grille. This lovely combination of black and white helps in contrasting the color shades adding on to the visual appeal.

Speaking of the contrasts, mirror caps, side skirts, rear spoiler and the diffuser of the sports coupe all of which comes in a carbon fiber, gives an additional touch generally found in the premium models much higher than the M240i. To add to the surprising factor, exhaust tips of the model are now made of similar premium metal. All these upgrades cumulatively contribute to increasing the aesthetic appeal that BMW service Greensboro NC promised much before. The interior of the vehicle has got similar look and layout as in most of the 2 Series models, but since there’s a touch of the M series as well, the blend gives a completely different feel within.

The uncompromising nature of BMW has already been proved in the earlier models. The fact that they will keep up with the performance doesn’t need any special mention. Peak performance and exterior styling make the M240i an interesting model to look at.

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