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Making the Best Match of Qualified Technicians For Authentic Audi Repair

For decades together, car owners have always gone for one particular question, what kind of shop should they go for Audi repair, a dealership or an independent? Now coming up with any particular answer to this question will be tough indeed for the auto experts since they find benefits in both. Evaluating the advantages and disadvantages on an open forum can bring the real scenario to the car owners, and then it depends on them, which one to go for.


Survey reports have proved that car owners find it more satisfying to take the vehicles to independent auto body shops rather than car dealerships. For those who have their cars under warranty, will have to visit the dealerships for Audi repairs. However, under the Federal Law,   owners have the right to have the repairs done anywhere they like without voiding the warranty.

Taking a toll over the advantages of dealerships, the first that comes to mind is the trained and certified technicians and special tools and equipment that these dealerships will obviously have. The dealers also have complete access to the proprietary information, the ones they sell and even service. This means the secrecy of the information is being held intact, which is highly essential for diagnosis and repair. Since they are very familiar with the particular models in line, they usually pinpoint the problems much more quickly and with greater accuracy.

On the other hand, independent repair facilities have always been to repair and service the Audi Greensboro and the neighboring areas. Earlier, there were many dealerships who viewed the customers for potential car sale, and the focus was not on customer service. Hence, the customers kept drifting to the independent shops for maintenance. With the passage of time, the top quality independent repair facilities even offer nationwide warranties through the suppliers or several auto parts and the associations they deal with.

So it is all upon the comfort level of the auto repair and maintenance store with whom the owners will work. Having their certifications and qualifications checked out might help in ensuring the best service and maintenance of the Audi vehicles.

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