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BMW Service Guidelines – Keeping Your Driving Machine in its Ultimate Shape

For most obvious reason, BMW is called the “Ultimate Driving Machine”. It has got the engines that roar like a lion and a handling breed from the exceptional German engineering. With such excellent features, it is yet to find worth rivals to compete, in terms of performance and power. But even the finest systems may stop working if they are not regularly serviced. Whether you just purchased your first BMW or you have been driving for years, regular servicing and maintenance is imperative to keep the vehicle in good working condition. Recently, there has been slight modifications to the recommended maintenance schedule in recent years. The following information will be helpful for complete servicing and repairing of any BMW model since 1999. The newly drafted guidelines are persuasive and easy to understand and were introduced to simplify the BMW service process.


At Body Shop Greensboro, you need not worry about the quality of servicing and maintenance. The experts possess the experience and skill in handling the job with excellence, all of the technicians are certified professionals who know what to look for. They are equipped with advanced diagnostic tools to identify every issue imaginable and fix it duly and quickly. It is certainly comforting that you have a number of places to go to seek the service. Whether online or offline, the technicians are dedicated to provide exceptional service to keep the vehicle in good condition, irrespective of make and model. However, finding right auto experts online will save you time and effort, while you can invest the same in other works.

The latest models will notify you with a flashing red “service needed” light which indicates that the system requires servicing and maintenance. As a rule of thumb, it is ideal to bring your vehicle in every 10, 000 miles or every 12 months to your nearest BMW service Greensboro NC center. The experts will duly diagnose the issues and troubleshot them as quickly as possible. Safety and oil service is also essential. Be sure to have the tyre examined before going for a long trip. Consider the following recommendations from factory such as oil change, oil filter change, brakes, horn, windshield wipers & wiper fluid, indicator lights & dashboard warning lights, steering linkage, engine coolant, rubber belts & hoses, suspension component, and more. Don’t forget to check for fluid leaks. Also check tire pressure.

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