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1978 Range Rover Classic is Reborn in 2017

Range Rover Reborn is a new installment offering prospective customers the unique opportunity to purchase an original and highly collectible classic Range Rover, directly from vintage Land Rover store in the UK. The latest version of Range Rover Reborn builds on the successful introduction of Land Rover Series I Reborn last year.


The expert team of Land Rover Classic has gained years of engineering and design skill to build the first Range Rover Reborn – a carefully selected 1978 Classic Range Rover.

Every Range Rover Reborn will go through a complete restoration as per the company’s original 1970s factory specification and using variety of parts to preserve and protect the vehicle’s original model. The experienced Land Rover Greensboro NC restoration team will advise customers to choose the best options for base vehicles – in terms of collectability, preferred chassis numbers and unique characteristics.

The base prices for restorations generally start from £135,000. Land Rover Classic will thoroughly restore an initial 10 examples of the original luxury SUV. The first example comes in Bahama Gold. The vehicle is powered by a 3528cc V8 with 132bhp at 5000rpm, 251Nm at 2500rpm, 4-speed manual transmission and a lockable central differential.

The original Range Rover came into market in 1970, ruled only up to 1981 with two-door configuration, when the first factory four-door was introduced. The vehicle retained its style and statement up to the end of the first generation’s production in 1996. It became so popular that the production of the first generation continued alongside the second generation for two years. Finally, the classic Range Rover came into being with such distinguished features that one can easily tell this model apart from its more modern sibling.

As Land Rover Greensboro experts note, the Range Rover has launched SUV sector, which certainly defined the genre of the luxury 4×4 vehicle. Gradually, it became popular among the members of Royal household, politicians, and superstars across the world. Most remarkably, it has managed to retain its most credible position and distinguished legacy as the ‘ultimate SUV’ to this day. During the 1970s, Land Rover’s Range Rover was also put on display at the Louvre in Paris as an ‘exemplary work of industrial design.’

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