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Getting to Know Your Vehicle’s Exterior Sensors

As much time as you spend taking care of your car, you get the opportunity to learn more about the vehicle. It is important to have a comprehensive idea about idea about car, especially its exteriors as it keeps you safe on the road.

Considering the aspect of safety, many vehicle makes and models out there now come standard with safety features in the form of exterior sensors. These exterior radars and sensors give signals when objects get into your blind spots. Don’t forget check out the brakes of your system.

Majority of makes and models out there come equipped with these advanced safety features and are sold under various trade names, note auto body shop Greensboro NC experts. This means, each system’s potential and functionality will vary depending on manufacturer and model. Let’s take a closer look at the vehicle’s exterior sensors.

Blind Spot Detection:

In general, blind spot warning systems consist of radars or cameras that scan the areas of the road beyond visibility. They capture the objects that are missing from your mirrors. When they detect someone or something, an icon near the side view mirror lights up and alerts you.

Cross Traffic Alert:

Slightly different from blind spot detection, cross traffic alert is to found both at the front and the back of the vehicle, with radar sensors on both sides of front and the rear bumper. Once you throw your vehicle into reverse, it kicks into high-gear, examining hazards coming at you from the sides.

Lane Change Assistance:

Much like blind spot detection, lane change assistance makes use of radar sensors to actively scan the blind spots at the back, note body shop Greensboro experts. When you are traveling at a certain speed, lane change assistance kicks in when it senses a vehicle rapidly coming at you.

Lane Departure Warning:

It also works like smartphone using a camera and detection processing software in order to detect lane marker and monitor the distance.

Parking Assistance:

Those who know how to drive must admit how parking is pretty much worst of it. This is why parking assistance has been around for longer than the other sensors on this list. It warns the drivers about the obstacles while parking. These systems usually make use of electromagnetic or ultrasonic sensor that can identify objects.

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