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Epic Audi R8 Celebrates its German Roots- Greensboro, NC

World Cup Frenzy: Epic Audi R8 Celebrates its German Roots

Throughout the last month, the World Cup has taken most of us through a rollercoaster of emotion. As an event that only comes around once every four years, the World Cup not only highlights how universal the love for soccer is around the world, it also exuberates a great amount of native pride as citizens blaringly cheer on their beloved national teams. This time around, the World Cup took place in the naturally gorgeous Rio, Brazil where the luscious green scenery and crystal clear beaches played as the ideal backdrop for the world’s premier sporting event.

Despite playing in their home country, Brazil unfortunately was not immune to the blitzkrieg that was Germany. Taking home their first World Cup since 2002, Germany played an epic season, and there’s really no better way to celebrate such a killer win than with a killer car. Point proven: This Audi R8 V10 adorned with a German-inspired wrap is pure car porn.

In all fairness, the Audi R8 is already a head-turning beast even in its most basic state. Featured in a shiny, deep coat of matte black paint, this Audi R8 is adorned with a prevalent stripe down the center of the car that parallels the German flag to denote the country’s epic win at the World Cup. The bold red and yellow stripes carry through the sloping roofline of the car, highlighting the naturally sexy silhouette quite nicely.

Carrying on with its tribute to Deutschland, this R8 is outfitted with bold, yet tasteful side skirts that parallel the color scheme found on the colored flag. As it sites on a different plane than the two lines that are implanted on the top of the car, the side skirts insure that viewers get a heavy dose of German pride, no matter what angle you’re viewing this beautiful beast in.

Other than the bold aesthetic enhancements, this Audi R8 stays pretty basic. While basic might not sound all that exciting, its hefty V10 engine implanted under its aggressive hood outputs a respectable 525 horsepower. Borrowed from its Lamborghini cousin, the V10 that propels the R8 has continually proven to be the ideal balance between fun and functionality- two attributes that make the R8 so justifiable.

It’s really been no secret that Germans make phenomenal cars. From Porsche to Mercedes-Benz, Germans have consistently set the benchmark on what a phenomenal ride should be. On top of their revolutionary developments in beer and impressive offering of sausages, dominating the globe in soccer seemed to just be the cherry on top for Germany.

Source: carverse


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