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Mercedes-Benz Oxygen Sensor Repair : Mercedes-Benz Service in Greensboro NC

Mercedes-Benz Oxygen Sensor Repair : Mercedes-Benz Service in Greensboro NC

Is your Mercedes-Benz Check Engine Light on? 

If it is, there’s a fairly good chance that a bad O2 sensor is causing the problem.

Mercedes exhaust 02 sensor

Have you heard of the terms O2 sensor, lambda probe, lambda sensor, lambda sound or how about EGO which stands for exhaust gas oxygen sensor? These terms are used synonymously with the term oxygen sensor. For most car owners, it would be impossible to be familiarized with the different car parts considering their huge number, and that is why our ASE Certified Technicians at Eurobahn Motorsports take charge every time a problem is encountered with any of these parts. The oxygen sensor is among the very rare car part that is subjected to malfunctions; however should you come across with a problem with this part give us a call because it needs to be replaced.

Oxygen sensors including those of the Mercedes Benz’s are hollow tube devices inserted into the exhaust manifold. This tube is divided into two compartments (the inner and the outer) by U-shaped rod coated platinum for the purpose of measuring the volume of oxygen remaining in the exhaust gas and allows an electronic system called electric control unit or ECU, to control the efficiency of the engine’s combustion process. This whole process helps in keeping the engine in perfect and tip-top condition. 

Mercedes Exhaust system

Furthermore, an oxygen sensor works whenever the exhaust gas enters the outer compartment through a series of slits, and air is made available to the inner compartment through a vent at one end. In the event that this process takes place, an electrical signal is produced by the platinum as a reaction to the difference in oxygen content on either end of the rod, thus the said signal lets the computer know how much oxygen is in the exhaust and the computer will now tell how well the fuel is burning. The driver or the owner will now know if his car’s engine is still working properly, and can give immediate attention when necessary. 

Oxygen sensors are widely and commonly used in automotive applications that is why, here at Eurobahn Motorsports we offer the best quality of oxygen sensors you will need especially for your Mercedes Benz automobiles. We guarantee your optimum satisfaction upon repairing your Mercedes-Benz with us.

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