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Land Rover Service Greensboro, NC – Land Rover Engine Cooling Problems

Land Rover engine cooling problems are becoming more common. Both the engine and the pocketbook feel the effects of ignoring the warning signs of overheating. Because Land Rover engines are mostly aluminum, they are quickly damaged by excess heat, even if driving only a short distance when the temperature gauge is in the red. Instead of taking your vehicle to land rover greensboro nc and paying high dealer prices, Bring it to Eurobahn Motorsports!

Land Rover Engine Cooling Problems- Greensboro, NC

Land Rover Engine Cooling Problems- Greensboro, NC

Overheating and Engine Damage
Here is some information about land rover repair greensboro nc : Some automotive experts consider that the problem begins on the production line. As tooling equipment becomes worn, the tolerances between the aluminum engine block and the steel cylinder liners are less precise. This problem is compounded by significantly higher engine operating temperatures resulting from an increased displacement for more power, and the newer high efficiency fuels.

Engine failures become apparent when the engine creates enough heat to cause thermal expansion that loosens the liners in the engine casting. Increasing numbers of Land Rover engine failures are attributed to overheating. It may be possible to keep problems at manageable levels if the engine is never allowed to overheat.

Land Rover Service Center in Greensboro, NC

Land Rover Service Center in Greensboro, NC

Preventive Approaches
Regular land rover service greensboro nc maintenance is critical to prevent overheating problems. Here are common preventive and corrective maintenance tips:
• Be sure the radiator is full of clean and appropriate coolant; using the wrong coolant results in sediment and even corrosion
• Do not drive with low coolant
• Check all hoses for leakage
• Flush the radiator and replace coolant every 30,000 miles, as recommended by Rover
• Be sure the fan belt is tight; a loose belt might mean a failed fan clutch or water pump
• Ensure fan blades are in good condition and that the fan shroud is in place
• Make sure the radiator cap and the thermostat are working properly
• Check that a clogged catalytic converter is not causing heat buildup

Most importantly, never drive this vehicle with an overheated engine. Pushing the limit can result in engine failure and very costly repair bills. Basic maintenance and attention to changes in performance can prevent Land Rover engine cooling problems. If your Land Rover is experiencing overheating issues bring it in and let our ASE certified technicians take a look at it. We will get you up and back on the road in no time! Eurobahn is your land rover service repair center greensboro nc . Contact Us today!

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