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How Improvements in the Golf GTI and Golf R for 2022 can Help Prevent Incidents On the Road

Volkswagen Golf GTI Greensboro

With the advent of newer technology, the demand for cool and comfortable ride has increased remarkably. Today, car owners go for makes and models with advanced features and technology – something that provides super fun and comfort while driving. Plus, road-safety is on the top of the priority list.

Volkswagen Golf GTI and Golf R service Greensboro NC

As such, the new vehicles come up with far advanced driver assistance technology. The wacky system that might help you parallel park your car ten years ago has evolved into a full suite of available driver assistance technologies that employ cameras and radar to combine with adaptive cruise control and scan road signs, with innovative software stitching all the data together. To keep the car in great working order, take it to the auto body shop center for Volkswagen service.

A lot of that advancement has taken place step by step at a time, and the 2022 Volkswagen Golf GTI and Golf R models are no exception, with a new addition to the optional Front Assist technology that helps avoid collisions with cyclists and pedestrians.

One of the crucial components in the Volkswagen IQ.DRIVE is the Front Assist, which are predominantly available in all the Volkswagen lineup in 2022. It aims to warn drivers of impending crashes and, in certain situations, provide automated braking aid.

The previous versions of Front Assist relied on radar sensors installed in the front of a vehicle to identify moving objects that might cause a collision and could tell the difference between a vehicle and a pedestrian. The latest version of Front Assist, which is available on Mk8 Golf models, also uses the forward-facing camera to recognize and distinguish cyclists and pedestrians from other objects — not only those immediately in front of the car, but also those going alongside it.

This technology can help detect pedestrians and cyclists that the driver may not notice in front of or beside the car. It uses a sensor fusion, which integrates data from the camera and the radar. The purpose of this technology is to provide the driver with greater warning and the systems with more intelligence about what’s going on. Thus, it prevents a possible nasty collision.

Volkswagen Golf R Greensboro

Since the system uses radar, it might identify persons and cyclists ahead of the car in the dark or at nightfall in case the driver may have missed. Front Assist can trigger the Forward Collision Warning system and, in some situations, offer Automatic Emergency Braking if it detects a pedestrian or bike in the vehicle’s path.

If the car is running faster than 18 mph, Forward Collision Warning can inform the driver both audibly and visually by a warning icon in the instrument cluster if a possible critical front-end collision situation exists. It can also automatically use the brakes to alert the driver to the danger. If the driver fails to brake, Automatic Emergency Braking can help slow the automobile down. If the car is travelling below 18 mph and the Emergency Alert System detects a possible front-end collision, the brakes are applied without an audible or visual warning. If the brake pedal is pushed but the driver brakes too weakly, Braking Support automatically increases brake pressure.

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