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Innovative and impressive, the unveiling of the 2020 Land Rover Evoque is going to be demonstrated in many cities across the county. Recently, in an interview, Stuar Schorr, the Vice President of Communication for Jaguar Land Rover, North America has extensively talked about the powerful new campaign.


What’s special and significant about the 2020 Range Rover Evoque?


The Evoque is the vehicle that popularized Range Rover among a whole new generation of consumers by demonstrating refinement and capability in a compact SUV. Ever since its arrival, it has been commanding the road as a unique looking luxury vehicle. For 2020, the new Range Rover Evoque has brought redefined exterior design, a [...]

Park Brake Actuator and Actuation Module for Discovery

One of the major sets of both Discovery ¾ and Range Rover Sport is that in either car the electronically operated park brake actuation module tends to produce a loud squawking sound.

There is a switch on the console in each vehicle that controls an electronic module under the rear of the vehicle. The goal of the module is to trigger the actual braking mechanism on the back wheels. Each back wheel features a disc brake with a brake calliper and pads for normal stopping. However, there is a little brake drum inside the brake disc, and inside the drum space, can be found a drum brake [...]

Land Rover dropped a bond at the end of 2018, announcing the arrival of the all-new Defender within the next 12 months. The official images will give an idea of how the iconic SUV is going to look like.

Land Rover Greensboro


According to the latest report published by Land Rover Greensboro, the all-new Defender will undergo a rigorous off-road testing in North America as part of its grueling test cycle. The vehicle is expected to perform seamlessly even when subjected to temperatures as low as -40 Celsius and as high as 48 Celsius and at attitudes as high as 13, 000 ft.

It’s clear the new Defender derived a lot elements [...]

The introduction of the new Range Rover Evoque creates an uproar around with its impressive off-road capability. Despite having luxurious trimmings, the gorgeous crossover does not completely suck at off-roading.


land rover repair greensboro

So who will crave for it? According to experts at a body shop Greensboro, usually, those city commuters who love to explore the country can find a suitable companion in the new Evoque.

Good things about the car:

Luxury, space and comfort – all such traits truly define a compact car like this. After loading up things for your next journey, you will be impressed by its hauling capacity. After after accommodating more men and luggage, it offers the [...]

Land Rover Headlights Cleaning

Whether you own a Land Rover or a Volkswagen, you cannot deny that the most important thing that your car has apart from the engine are the headlights. The headlights are like the eyes of the vehicle and as much as you care for your eyes, one needs to take care of their car as well. As time passes, the headlights start to get foggy and require some clean up. That can be done by the car owner themselves provided they have the hands for the same. If not, there is always the option to take the Land Rover to a nearby body shop Greensboro so that the expert technicians can clean [...]

Land Rover service

To keep your Land Rover TDI in good condition, regular engine oil changes are very important. The residue from the vegetable oil can mix with the engine oil and eventually turn the engine oil to sludge.

For the 300TDI engine, a 10W/40 or 15W/40 gradeoil will be the best option. Besides, Castrol Magnatec and Mobil1 can be used for TDI engines with no problems. The engine usually holds 6.85 litre of oil – meaning you are going to need 2 bottles of oil as it comes in either 4 or 5 litre cans.

Things to keep in mind before starting:
  • Be sure to wear gloves and have plenty of old rags or else the oil [...]

The Land Rover is synonymous with reliability, 4-wheel-drive and panache. Most people know the Land Rover got its start as the British version of the Jeep. The Steering wheel used to be in the middle to mimic that of a tractor the designer had on his farm. Due to this design, he avoided the left & right-hand drive markets.Land Rover Greensboro NC

You may not know that by bolting on beefy tractor tires and axles from a Studebaker, Land Rover created the first Monster truck 30 years before anybody else after being commissioned to build a vehicle that could handle even the deepest murky mud puddles.

Another first for the company was the crossover SUV named the Road Rover. The Road Rover was [...]

The Land Rover Discovery, with considerable tweaking, heads into its 2018 model year in the form of a mid-size SUV that continues to offer five and seven-seat versions. Here are five new things that Land Rover Greensboro NC experts discovered about the 2018 model, which goes on sale early next year.

Fancier Tech:

All 2018 models come standard with InControl Touch Pro Infotainment with a slightly bigger 10-inch touchscreen. Plus 4G connectivity with Wi-Fi for up to eight devices is an added advantage.


The higher-level HSE and HSE Luxury trim levels also feature a configurable instrument display on a high-resolution 12.3-inch screen. The new, second-generation head-up display tat is 2.5 times bigger and in full color is optional [...]

Even though most of the Land Rover Range Rover models have been off road concentric, still there was an announcement that Land Rover Discovery will get a new SVO version that is going to focus more on the off-road performance. And as the year ends, the brand has indeed kept up to their words as they come up with an extreme version- the Land Rover Discovery SVX.

Land Rover Greensboro

The product line tagged within the Special Vehicle Operation from Land Rover Greensboro will come have the Discovery SVX added, and going by the presumptions, it is definitely not going to disappoint on the performance. What’s the catch behind this grand entry and early announcement? For the first time, the Discovery [...]

For quite a few years, Land Rover has been receiving complaints regarding the stereotypical designs and shapes that most of their vehicles have received. In fact, many of their models have been tagged as camouflaged prototypes which only gives a recurrent look in the market. It was high time Land Rover worked on their styling, and hence they made an attempt to inject the new Discovery with a dashing styling of Evoque. The latest seven seater giant will definitely be a level up than the current generation and so will the prices as well. However, car enthusiasts have never denied paying more if the demands are met completely.


The representatives of Land Rover Greensboro have however guaranteed that the [...]

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