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Social distancing or self isolation is the new normal today. With most of the countries all over the world practicing eternal lockdown, running business has become a bit problematic for almost all sectors.


With all kinds of measures and steps being taken to contain the contagion, many routine tasks are being compromised.

No wonder car servicing, repairs and maintenance has been too thrown into doubt. However, skipping out on regular maintenance and routine check can cause more damage to your car. This is why, industry experts are asking car owners to move and make sure that their car will be reliable and safe for the coming months.

The impact that the virus has had on the global supply chains cannot be ignored. No wonder auto service providers may be running short on essential components sooner rather than later.

However, with auto body shop Greensboro NC, you can enjoy endless [...]

A stale SUV is an eyesore – nobody likes it. Don’t worry! The 2020 Audi Q7 is going to come up with fresh lines and more power. Keeping the legacy of Q5 and other updated Audis alive, the new Q7 for sale has gained a slew of technology.

For the first time, the MMI interface is now standard equipment. It keeps you alert on the road, thereby ensuring utmost safety. On board, you will get a new top-mounted 360-degree camera, cross traffic assist, turn assist, and traffic sign recognition. Automatic emergency assist you in avoiding rear-end collisions and mitigating the consequences, while adaptive cruise control adjusts the vehicle speed to maintain a safe distance from vehicles ahead.


A car and its owner may have to be parted many a time before the concerned automobile gets sold off and replaced for good. A light car with a convertible body may suit you in the breezy summer months but you would have to put it in storage as soon as winter sets in. Try speaking to the pros at the best body shop Greensboro and you will be handful for obtaining a number of helpful tips for keeping the car in storage for a long period. No issues if you happen to be hard pressed for time either. Simply go through the tips provided below and act accordingly. It will help you to take good care of your priced car.

collision repair 1

The introduction of the new Range Rover Evoque creates an uproar around with its impressive off-road capability. Despite having luxurious trimmings, the gorgeous crossover does not completely suck at off-roading.


land rover repair greensboro

So who will crave for it? According to experts at a body shop Greensboro, usually, those city commuters who love to explore the country can find a suitable companion in the new Evoque.

Good things about the car:

Luxury, space and comfort – all such traits truly define a compact car like this. After loading up things for your next journey, you will be impressed by its hauling capacity. After after accommodating more men and luggage, it [...]

Engines are getting smaller. From econocars and supercars, from pint size roadsters to full-size pickups, engine shrinking is happening across the industry. Of all those best cars that succumb to the trend, Volkswagen Golf is the one worth mentioning. The 2019 model replaces its 170-hp turbocharged 1.8 liter inline-four base engine with a turbo 1.4 liter four that delivers impressive power at 147 horses, irrespective of its smaller size. Its 184 lb-ft of torque remains unchanged for the manual-transmission models but is reduced by 15 lb ft from the previous automatic’s 199.

volkswagen service greensboro

But don’t get upset with the change. Despite those negligible output losses, they have [...]

As winter sets, the cold weather causes more problems that may not be visible until it’s too late and the car stops running. Low temperatures take a toll on the car causing problems in everything from tires to fuel lines and ultimately leading to a dead battery or engine. Usually, these problems in cars during cold weather take a bit of to occur. Hence, bring the car in to nearby body shop Greensboro for proper maintenance.

Dead Battery:

Car battery problems are extremely common in cold winter months because it’s powering more components than during other seasons. The winter comes knocking and forces the battery to work harder by slowing down its chemical reactions.

Frozen Fuel Line:

Fuel lines tend to freeze in the winter because condensation can form on the inside of the gas tank if it gets low in fuel. This is why when temperatures fall, the condensation freezes blocking the passage for [...]

Vehicles and engines are undoubtedly complex, but changing the oil is always a constant thing that needs to be done as a standard car maintenance and preventive measure. Even though the oil change depends on a lot of the particular make and model of the vehicles, it remains constant. The engine is the heart of any vehicle and it needs to run smoothly avoiding all sorts breakdowns and complicated damage and repair issues even including full engine replacement.

The total car care experts at any of the auto body shops Greensboro NC share some of the top reasons why car owners must consider oil and filter change as a necessity.

All the moving parts within the engine, like the pistons, valves, and other corollary parts work at random speed under the hood of the car. And as the movement gains pace, the components create heat and if these parts do not find sufficient lubrication, the [...]

Automotive repair and maintenance is a big issue, and those who go through it knows what it takes to find the right auto body shop. However, there is one thing that will constantly vary, the cost estimate. And apart from the nature of damage, it is also the body shops which play an important role in the repair costs. As a result of it, one must come across multiple estimates from various auto body shops Greensboro NC and it is advisable to go for the least pricing.


So let’s come across some of the valid points, which will help in selecting the right auto body shop and get the damaged vehicle repaired to the best of its [...]

Indeed life has become costlier than ever before- while the medical science improves every single day to enhance the span of your life, on one hand, the automobile technology gets much more advanced to ensure there’s no unwanted loss of life due to accidents. In fact, it has been proved that cars at the vanguard of safety have actually helped drivers to identify the advanced technologies which they should demand while having the new cars.


Reactive and Responsive Features for Better Control

Adaptive cruise control is the next generation version of the technology that is prevalent in most of the luxury models nowadays. This indeed helps the drivers to keep track and maintain the speed without making considerable [...]

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