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Of all the Land Rover models that are available in the market, the Range Rover is undoubtedly a rare breed, and it needs no further clarification. The car runs at immense speed, and without even thinking twice, one can confidently say that there won’t be any slackening in the performance as well. The entire credit for this goes to the exhaust engine, which optimizes the engine power beyond the range that otherwise would go for the regular vehicles in the market.

The Range Rover from Land Rover Greensboro works on an unusual combination of high-end looks, an array of on road and off road capabilities that cannot be beaten down. The exhaust system of the vehicles are varied and each of them holds a unique place in the entire automobile industry. The [...]

For decades together, car owners have always gone for one particular question, what kind of shop should they go for Audi repair, a dealership or an independent? Now coming up with any particular answer to this question will be tough indeed for the auto experts since they find benefits in both. Evaluating the advantages and disadvantages on an open forum can bring the real scenario to the car owners, and then it depends on them, which one to go for.


Survey reports have proved that car owners find it more satisfying to take the vehicles to independent auto body shops rather than car dealerships. For those who have their cars under warranty, will have to visit the dealerships for Audi repairs. However, under the Federal Law,   owners have the right to have the repairs [...]

While speaking of the automobiles and luxurious cars available in the market, one cannot even avoid referring the BMW. The Bavarian Motor Works is generally renowned in the market for making the high-quality luxury vehicles maintaining the standards of performance on the higher limits. Found at the backdrop of the World War I, they along with Audi and Mercedes-Benz have over the years emerged as the top sellers of the luxury vehicles in the world.


It was 1962, when BMW introduced the compact sedans and coupes in the market, and since then, they have come up with luxury automobiles for the entire range. Till 2004, BMW has been successful in selling one million cars annually are all the models that BMW Greensboro has come up with has been the signature stylish durable vehicles. The [...]

Summer is round the corner, and everyone is super excited to make their vacation plans. It is time to start making the arrangements. It indeed takes a huge list of must do things to ensure that the planned vacation goes perfectly. So be it the beach, or making plans to escape it, the Volkswagen Greensboro will be your ride, and keeping it serviced before starting on the journey should be at the top of your priority list.


It is quite easy to say that there won’t be anything relaxing about spending time and money with the mechanics. As a result of this, Volkswagen owners always prefer working with certified body shops so that their technicians take the responsibility of dealing with service and maintenance issues. There are several body shops that offer comprehensive inspection [...]

One of the best things about 2017 Volkswagen Passat is the versatility that it holds, and this  opens up the options for Volkswagen lovers to pick and choose the one that suits the best. For a matter of fact, after a thorough update, the latest version of the Volkswagen Passat trundles along one of the oldest mainstream mid-size Sedans. But in spite of being lying in the traditional segment, there are still some advantageous factors like comfort, huge trunk space and a lot of passenger rooms.


The latest version of the Passat from Volkswagen Greensboro comes in five different trims- the basic 1.8T S, the Sporty 1.8T R-Line, the mid-level 1.8T SE, the upscale 1.8T SEL Premium and V6 SEL Premium. The 1.8T S includes the dual-zone climate control, 16 inches of alloy wheels, [...]

The fight between BMW and Mercedes-Benz in the business class Sedan is not new, and to be judgmental, one must be through with the performance ratio, efficiency, and luxury quotient. For the first time in history, BMW 5 Series offers an interior which is spacious in the true sense. Experts have claimed that even though the length of the vehicle has increased by 3 centimeters only, the leg space in the rear seats has found an extra 6 centimeters of space surpassing the E class of Mercedes-Benz service in Greensboro, which is considered to be the most traditional of the business Sedans.


Even though BMW promises a reduction in the weight of up to 100 kilograms, the test car weights 25 kilos which is more than the predecessor along with an automatic. The latest [...]

Performing an automotive heating repair can be little tricky as the process involves a number of steps leading to the system to restore its functionality. However, the entire process can be quite time consuming, since you have to engage expert technicians who will have to go in and inspect various elements and test them to detect the source of the problem. To get the problem fixed, you can seek the expert service from auto body shop repair center through online. Simply bring your car to them at auto body shop Greensboro NC for an automotive heating repair. You know you will get an honest assessment and a fair price for the work to be done on your Audi car to get it running smoothly.


Sometimes a simple fluid check might be required to resolve [...]

For most obvious reason, BMW is called the “Ultimate Driving Machine”. It has got the engines that roar like a lion and a handling breed from the exceptional German engineering. With such excellent features, it is yet to find worth rivals to compete, in terms of performance and power. But even the finest systems may stop working if they are not regularly serviced. Whether you just purchased your first BMW or you have been driving for years, regular servicing and maintenance is imperative to keep the vehicle in good working condition. Recently, there has been slight modifications to the recommended maintenance schedule in recent years. The following information will be helpful for complete servicing and repairing of any BMW model since 1999. The newly drafted guidelines are persuasive and easy to understand and were introduced to simplify the BMW service process.

The design and idea behind the first ever BMW M2 Coupe was borrowed from the historical roots of BMW M GmbH. The vehicle is an amazing combination of top sporting prowess and classic rear-wheel drive with the precision and agility of a modern M automobile. Front and rear aprons seem to improve the air flow and aerodynamics. The sporty attuned suspensions and dynamic M TwinPower Turbo inline 6-Cylinder Petrol engine are combined to enhance performance.


A single glance is enough to assess its style and statement. The BMW M2 boasts elegant styling to advertise its dynamic attributes. Inspired by models from the history of BMW in motor racing, the new model reveals the secret behind its quality performance potential, remark BMW Greensboro NC experts.

The low front apron with large air intakes is a [...]

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